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Shaastra. The guiding principles and strategies that are sure touchstones for band success.

Outlining and putting principles in place is the first crucial step in the evolution of a winning brand. At the conceptual stage, queries and doubts arise in the mind of every marketing professional trying to build a brand. SAMSIKA BRAND SHAASTRAS* is the strategic marketing tool that defines and clarifies the principles of strategic marketing. It provides strategic, streamlined and productive solutions that actively help build a winning brand.

You can benefit from Samsika's expertise and indepth understanding of marketing shastraas. Over the years, Samsika has given strategic direction to many blue-chip companies by clarifying the first principles needed for success. Here's how.

* Shaastras - Over 5000 years ago, India formulated a series of 'Shaastras' (books on principles) on a wide variety of subjects affecting human existence. Some of the basic material contained in them is strikingly relevant even today SAMSIKA BRAND SHAASTRAS is the latest addition to this body of texts which elucidates the principles of marketing for the new millennium in a clear manner.

List of Brand Shaastras:  

Demo Questions
A number of demo questions framed on Pricing Strategy, a Brand Shaastra, are listed here. Use this list to frame your queries similarly for other Brand Shaastras. Click Here.

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