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Give below is a list of Demo Questions on Pricing Strategy. The list is designed is to help you frame your queries similarly for the other stategic tools offered by us.

 Should I price my product high (premium) or low (popular)?
 Should I hold my price for a full year or change it frequently?
 Should I have an MRP?
 Should I give large margins to my distributors and retailers?
 Should I cover all price points?
 If my costs go up, should I increase my price?
 If my costs don't go up, should I still increase my price?
 Should I ever decrease my price?
 Should I sell at the same price all over India or have different prices     in different states?
 Should I price my product at par with the competitor's product or     not?
 Should my pricing to the trade be aggressive with large margins?
 Should I have a consolidated pricing strategy or a segregated pricing    strategy?
 Should my costs or the perceived value of my brand decide my    pricing strategy?
 Should I do sensitivity studies on affordability before deciding my    pricing strategy?
 How frequently should I increase my price?
 Should my margins to the trade be on the landed price or on the    MRP?
 When there is a price war in the market, should I participate even if I    am bleeding?
 Should I get a floor price and a ceiling price?
 Should I charge different prices to different customers even though    the quantity is the same?
 Should pricing be used as the most important weapon in the    marketing mix?
 If you are a pioneer and have started a new category, how should you    price your products/services?