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Samsika's 5th Year

It was just like any other day at Samsika. Clients came, consulted with Jagdeep Kapoor and went. Barring the cutting of the cake, no one would have dreamt that it was the marketing consultancy's anniversary and that Samsika was entering its fifth year.

Looking back over four years of hectic brand building, when Samsika groomed fledgling brands, nursed errant ones and took mega brands to marketing heights undreamt of, it is at once clear that Samsika has come a long way!

There was a time when 'marketing consultancy' was a foreign concept on Indian shores. today the phrase has become a buzzword across boardrooms in the corporate world.

And credit for this change must in part go to Jagdeep Kapoor. He had the vision to anticipate the changes that were about to sweep the sub-continent. And he had the guts to forsake the comforts of a regular job to pursue his dream.

When asked about his decision to establish Samsika, Jagdeep Kapoor shrugs nonchalantly and says that there was "a gap in the market" for strategic marketing and brand consultancy which he decided to fill. For four years now Jagdeep Kapoor has been building winning brands from the outside, setting a scorching pace which is very difficult to follow.

From a small office, SamsikaTM has moved into a bigger, more spacious premises. And the SamsikaTM team has been welded together to become one winning unit. Modern technology has been harnessed to provide the best possible infrastructure for all categories - FMCG, Food, IT, Consumer Durables, OTC, Services, Industrial.

Jagdeep Kapoor's practical, no-nonsense approach has carved out success stories for the likes of NavneetTM, MonginisTM, OnjusTM, Seven Seas Seacod, Motilal Oswal Securities ... Mega brands like FevicolTM and Godrej's CintholTM have tasted stratospheric success.

The best companies have trained with SamsikaTM. Like CadburyTM, HeinzTM, Modi XeroxTM, IndianOilTM, Standard Chartered BankTM. And SamsikaTM has contributed enthusiastically towards brand building of CarrierTM, NirmaTM, OtisTM and is currently working on brands like VoltasTM, NutrelaTM, AtcoTM, SosyoTM, GitanjaliTM .... It is also focused on IT and helped launch brands like RoltaNetTM, Lexsite.comTM. And is building winning strategies for TallyTM and ConcourseTM.

From small start-ups to the goliaths of the corporate world, Samsika builds winning brands for all. The only pre-condition being that the task must be challenging. Whether it is an Indian brands that wants to go abroad or an MNC looking to conquer Indian turf - all are welcome.

Perhaps the best way to describe SamsikaTM is as the brand behind some of the most successful brands in India today. While building winning brands for others, Jagdeep Kapoor has also taken the SamsikaTM brand to towering heights. Samsika's brand building mantras which appear weekly in leading economic journals outline winning strategies in witty little one-liners. Your relationship with SamsikaTM can begin with the wisdom in the mantras. Or you can take comfort in the warm and friendly brand building efforts of SamsikaTM Marketing Consultancy. Either way there's a lot to be gained from interacting with Jagdeep Kapoor and the SamsikaTM team.

Because for them there's only one way for a brand to go. And that's up and up and up.

(The author is Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants, Mumbai.)

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