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Introducing the Samsika CRISP Branding ModuleTM

Samsika's prescription - CRISP branding for the new millennium

I have often been asked what constitutes brand equity in India. And what prescription would I draw up for the new millennium.

After much research and careful thought, I have come up with the answer which I would like to share with you. It is the Samsika CRISP Branding ModuleTM.

The Samsika CRISP Branding ModuleTM is the prescription for building winning brands in the next millennium.

What is the Samsika CRISP Branding ModuleTM?

C = Consideration Set
R = Relationship
I = Identity
S = Search
P = Perceived Value

Allow me to elaborate.

Consideration Set: In order to be a winner, your brand must - first and foremost - be in the consideration Set. It must be among those that a potential customer will consider buying. There are three attributes which a brand must have in order to be in the Consideration Set. First there must be relevant awareness. then there must be recognition. And lastly, there must be brand recall. The Samsika Brand MantraTM to help you take your brand into the Consideration Set is 'Jo Dikhta Hai, Woh Bikta Hai'.

Relationship: to thrive in the new millennium, it is essential for brands to build relationships with customers. Privilege Cards and Frequent Buyer Programmes will help build brand loyalty. Database marketing will be an invaluable tool here. It is important to retain the committed customers and serve them well. The Samsika Brand MantraTM here is 'First Serve, Then Deserve'.

Identity: Brand identity will be viewed on several levels. At its best is the emotional benefit a brand offers. Below that are the functional benefits, the brand personality and the symbols (logo). But don't overspend. The Samsika Brand MantraTM is 'Like Salt, Use Advertising In The Right Proportion'.

Search: Brand managers will have to be constantly alert, reinventing the brand to fill in new need gaps in the market. Externally, the search for these gaps in the market will be an ongoing process. Internally too there is need for a search. Constant introspection to improve the product or service. The Samsika Brand MantraTM is 'Don't Sell The Right Product To The Wrong Audience'.

Perceived Value: Value is a prerequisite for all brands. Actual value is not perceived value. It's not just what the customer gets, but what he thinks and feels he gets. The intangibles are as important as the tangibles. The Samsika Brand MantraTM is 'Perceived value in brands is what consumers want.'

To my mind, the task at hand is not just to build brands. Btu to go a step further so as to have strategic branding as a sustainable competitive advantage. Because a brand needs to have more than just an advantage. It needs to have a competitive advantage. And a competitive advantage that can be sustained over a period of time.

This is the prescription for the next millennium which will make your brand a winner. Happy brand building!

(The author is Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants, Mumbai.)

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