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These days, there is a tremendous growth taking place in the automobile sector. New models of cars are being launched. Indian and foreign cars' are making their appearance. Roads are being built. Office complexes are coming up. There is a flood of new residential areas that are coming up and towns getting I new townships. This is great.

But what about Parking Space? Is there sufficient parking space, whether in residential areas or office areas or even in other areas. This growth of cars and roads and offices and residences and purchasing power is causing a tremendous pressure on parking. This dearth of parking is sparking many a fight and causing immense problems for citizens. There is a need for brand marketers and the town authorities to look at this problem and provide space, with appropriate parking charges.

The numbers of malls coming up are advertising that there is plenty of parking space for thousands of cars which is causing a large number of shoppers to choose those malls. This means the need for I parking is an immense one which could be a selling point for a mall. But, is the problem being sufficiently solved? It is quite a surprising thing that brand marketers are not paying sufficient heed to this 'parking sparking' problem, which regularly causes friction and fights between people. It is something which .has been brewing and will explode soon, if nothing is done very quickly.

In some five star hotels and fine dinning restaurants, there is a very good valet parking service being given. It is important to appreciate the proactive nature of this service. Whenever a guest drives upto the porch of the five star hotel or fine dining restaurant, and it is a self driven car, there is an immediate offer of valet parking and the service provided for parking is very I well appreciated by the guest.

In fact wherever; whether in office complexes, residential I areas, five star hotels, malls or fine dinning restaurants, parking is being seep. as an.integral and vital aspect for brand building. If it is not done properly or there is not enough space, the consumer gets very angry and upset.

'Parking Sparking' is a new movement in my opinion which will either make or mar brands. Big brands in the service industry whether at hospitals or bookstores or jewellery centers or banks, would have a severe problem if they do not provide parking space or parking service. The anger of the consumer would spark off a deep row, leading to 'Parking Sparking'

It is sensible for brands to understand the frustration of car owners of not getting parking spaces in certain places like at home or at office. If it is further compounded at shopping or eating areas, the consumer loses his bead. Then, there is "Parking Sparking'. Sparks fly. If he loses his head, you lose him. For retaining consumers, take parking seriously.

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