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Emotions or Promotions?
Use Care and Share Marketing


It is important to note that Brand building is a longterm process and short cuts do not necessarily work.

Brands are built in the minds and hearts of customers and it is important to understand that consumers like and consume brands rationally as well as emotionally. In India, emotions are definitely a critical factor in consumers, accepting and loving brands.

In recent times, a lot of promotions, which should have been a temporary incentive, are being wrongly used as a permanent feature, thereby eroding the emotional part of the brand equity.

Every brand and marketing manager has to clearly decide whether the emphasis should be on promotion or emotion?

Promotion used judiciously as a temporary incentive to induce purchase over and above the normal marketing activities could sensibly give incremental sales on a sustain basis. However, if promotions are used indiscriminately they could adversely affect the emotional brand equity of the brand.

Would you like the consumer to buy and use a brand that he trust and loves? Or would you like him to buy a deal? Obviously, the first choice is the former.

Brand building on a longterm basis represents a positive brand experience which gives customers hope, confidence, faith and joy leading to an excellent brand experience. This gets built up positively enhancing both the rational and emotional brand equity of the brand.

When this process is flowing well promotions should add positively in the enhancement of the brand equity especially in the emotional part. If a promotion erodes the emotional part of the brand equity than it is better to suitably make the right and corrective marketing initiatives in order to protect the emotional appeal of the brand.

Thus in the longterm process of brand building, emotions are critical. Promotions in a sensible manner are welcome to add value and not to subtract from the brand.

Care and Share Marketing

In these extremely rational times where materialism is at its peak, consumers do not only need tangible features but also intangible benefits. These intangible elements are far more valuable and critical compared to the tangible rewards.

Hence, I would strongly recommend that marketeers must practice, what I call as “Care and Share Marketing”, taking care of emotions..

Let us take the first element of “Care Marketing”, whether the target audience, or segment are children or teenagers or adults or senior citizens, it is important that there not only be care shown, but also care taken and given during the process of marketing products and services. This is the intangible element which consumers appreciate. In the case of services whether it be airlines, or hospitals, or schools, or couriers or telephone services, the care taken by the marketeers of the consumer goes a long way in establishing a strong relationship in bringing about an affinity towards the brand.

If there are two brands with equal offerings, the brand with extra care taken is usually the brand which wins the hearts and minds of consumers.

The second part of “Care and Share Marketing” which I recommend is “Share Marketing” in this case, while marketing products and services it is important to share as much knowledge and information as possible to be able to help the consumer use the product to the fullest extent for his benefit.

The “Share Marketing” part should make an attempt to explain and educate to the consumer the processes, techniques and tips that would help him use and benefit from the product better.

Hence, I strongly recommend in these competitive times it is important to practise “Care and Share Marketing” for satisfaction of the consumer as well as for the marketeer to grow his brand in terms of sales, market share and profit. Thus emotions may be powerful to build brands.

The author is Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director of the successful Samsika Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Tel: 022 28477700 / 7701 Fax: 28477699 E-mail: jkapoor@samsika.com

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