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Why Wait ? Please Motivate !


In many organisations Chief Executives complain about the quality and effectiveness of the sales force. They do not seem to understand that just like sales marketing force has to perform and deliver results, similarly the top management has to create an environment, which is conducive to allow people to do a good job. My brand mantra is ďWhy Wait ? Please Motivate !Ē I am recommending a set of nine Doís and Doníts for encouraging and creating an effective sales marketing force for good results.

1. Do Create :

Creating an environment, which is positive and merit and recognition oriented, is indeed the right thing to do. Therefore do create such an atmosphere which can help blossoming and nurturing of talent. For example, In a consumer durable company it was a normal practice to have weekly results of sales performance being discussed and presented in a neutral environment with strong congratulations given to achievers and people who had gone from a decline path to an incline path. This helped boost the morale and since everything was based on facts and figures there was no apprehension of any bias. Therefore do create a surrounding which fosters winners and inculcates a desire to win.

2. Donít Dictate:

Dictators usually donít make good leaders. Yes, there are times when the sales managers have to be extremely tough and firm with the expectations of good results. Even in those times it is important that work be done in a manner wherein there is an explanation of why it should be done and how it should be done. In addition to the what, when, where, who of the work. Donít dictate means donít issue orders without using the reasoning and the mutual benefit for all parties concern.

3. Do Generate :

If we expect the sales force to achieve sales target, they should be given air support. Just like soldiers at the ground level require air support, similarly, the sales force requires the generation of demand. Whether through advertising or through communication, some air support is necessary for the ground level sales forces to do well. Therefore do generate demand, which would generate interest amongst the consumers and the sales force and would obviously generate sales.

4. Donít be Late :

As I mentioned above, why wait, please motivate, there are many good people in your organisation. There are many stars in the making of your sales force. You must encourage them, recognize them and reward them. If you donít do that, they would be on the verge of looking out for another job and then it would be very late. Therefore donít be late in praising your sales force.

5. Do Meditate :

Introspection is a very good way for leaders to understand what they are doing, right or wrong. They need to meditate and focus on improvement in ones self. Are they pushing the sales force too hard ? or are they very soft ? and only gaining popularity but not effectiveness. These bouts of self thinking do bring out wonderful insights which sales managers can use to lead a sales force effectively. Therefore leaders Ė Do Meditate.

6. Donít Hate :

Nothing can be achieved through hate, whether you hate your job or you hate some people in the sales force. Hate begets hate and in the long run you are not able to get positive results. It is better to love your job and work with dignity and pride rather than spread negative feelings all across. A sales force canít perform in a negative environment, therefore as a sales manager donít hate.

7. Do Rate :

Do not shy away from measuring, evaluating performance. The sales force must be individually rated and results must be rewarded and non-performance and excuses must be punished. Good sales people thrive in a merit oriented rating system and therefore do rate your sales force.

8. Donít Negate :

In the hierarchy below the national sales manager there could be Regional Sales Manager and Area Sales Manager. To get effective results it is better not to negate decisions taken by the junior managers and not take away their empowerment unless absolutely necessary.

9. Do State :

Finally be clear and explicit in stating the teamís objective and strategy so that there is no confusion. The clearer the road map and the more unambiguous the statement of purpose the greater is the chance of achieving good sales.

Thus to have an effective sales marketing force, please follow my 9 Doís and Doníts and always remember my brand mantra.

Why Wait? Please Motivate!

Motivation of the sales force is a process, which requires understanding, sensitivity as well as a certain amount of patience. Like all human beings the sales marketing force also has its times of joys and sorrows, hopes and despairs. Infact a good sales marketing force works well as a team as well as individually if there is positive leadership which motivates them on a regular basis.

In one case the sales representative got highly motivated because his Vice President Sales worked with him in the market for the whole day from the first call to the last call. Infact he started performing much better because he started looking up to his senior because his senior was leading by example. This is a great illustration of leading from the front and lessons must be learnt by the sales force from the army or from the cricket field.

In another case an entire team went on to achieve over 200% growth in sales because they were featured along with their photographs in the company newsletter which mentioned them as winners of the first quarter. Infact at the end of the full year these winners of one quarter became champions of the entire year with deep motivation.

There are many instances wherein the sales force has risen to great heights because of a pat on the back or a smile from the senior. One of the most important rules for motivation is to ensure that the entire sales force is regularly trained with good product knowledge and selling skills. This helps to set good performance and motivation.

With all theses recommendations and tips of getting good results from the sales force, I would say ďWhy Wait? Please Motivate!Ē

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