List of Case studies :


FMCG - Food Processing (Meat products)


Six shops strewn across Mumbai, catering purely to neighbourhood needs. Even though it's a 30-year-old brand, it needed to be rejuvenated in the market. SamsikaTM was approached to put Shalimar SuperfoodsTM on the fast track. The prescription was to knit the shops into one team, to forge closer ties with the customer and to establish a sales and distribution system that would ensure that Shalimar products reached new areas. Positioning the brand as 'The Meat Treat', SamsikaTM advocated that the chef on the logo be brought to life and a direct line of communication with the customer be established via a quarterly newsletter. The Samsika Relationship Marketing ExerciseTM which was initiated saw the birth of a privilege card and a quick home delivery system. While SamsikaTM prescribed the franchisee route for rapid expansion of the retail network, wholesale operations benefited enormously from the Samsika Sales & Distribution SystemTM. As a result, Shalimar SuperfoodsTM is poised to go national. for a purely neighbourhood brand, that's a long way, wouldn't you say?.

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The Shalimar team: Hayward D'Silva, Srikant Kalle, Gordius Mendes, Samsika MD Jagdeep Kapoor, Shalimar Chairman Ashok Shahani, & S R Tungikar



Measuring Instruments & Industrial Components Marketing



A premium product, made with all the precision and quality control that it takes to be on a shop shelf in any part of the world, faces a unique problem because of its niche positioning. Capitalisiing on its singular status, wannabes who want to confuse the customer with similar-looking inferior products at a fraction of the price take unfair advantage of the situation. At this point what's needed is a strategy to combat the parasites. Enter Samsika marketing ConsultantsTM. Samsika did a strategic analysis which showed that though there was acceptance for Kristeel-Shinwa(R), there was middling awareness, low availability and low affordability. The product portfolio advice from SamsikaTM was that brand extensions were needed to plug the holes in the market. SamsikaTM helped set up a sales and distribution network and trained the sales force. The result is that Kristeel-Shinwa(R), the premium product, now has two brand extensions aimed at the popular and sub-popular markets, Kristeel Winner(R) and Kristeel Falcon(R). Both are both well equipped to go national and take on the challenge posed by the pretenders. Today the division gets advance payment for all orders and is poised to increase its sphere of influence. For the industrial components division, the Samsika Contact Sheet ModuleTM was used and a customer service strategy evolved, leading to more customers and more focused selling.

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Kristeel-Shinwa Industries VP Avinash Misar, Director Munish Anand & Chairman Manmohan Anand with Samsika MD Jagdeep Kapoor


FMCS - Food Processing (Dairy Products)


Opening up the Mumbai market for a Maharashtra-based milk and value-added products manufacturer can prove challenging. this is what the Shivamrut Dudh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd, an organisation of 330 co-operatives with access to 36,000 farmers producing 1,60,000 litres of milk daily, realised when it came to Samsika Marketing ConsultantsTM. Positioning ShivamrutTM milk as 'one good churn deserves another'. Samsika started from scratch, suggesting the name and scanning the market for opportunity. Packaging and pricing were determined. The Samsika Sales & Distribution SystemTM put in place. The entire marketing strategy was leveraged on the twin advantages of packaging high quality milk in superior Tetra Fino packaging to give it a long shelf life. The result is that ShivamrutTM is very much top of mind today with a distribution that's making its mark in the hearts of the people.

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Samsika MD Jagdeep Kapoor , Shivamrut Chairman Rajsinh Mohite Patil, Mrs Poonawala of Tetra Pak, Shivamrut MD Sarjerao Patil &
Dr P I L Khane