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Using Consumer Education as Brand Strategy


Consumer education as a brand marketing strategy is an extremely important weapon to expand the category and build a credible brand. Various categories like shirts, schools, diamonds and life insurance and pharmaceuticals have been using consumer education activities to build their brand.

In the case of pharmaceuticals it may be patient education. In the case of banks it could be investor education and in the case of schools it could be parent and kid education.

Arrow shirts over the years in India has established a powerful brand through the brand strategy of consumer education. They teach how to wear a shirt, about the cuff, about the collar Infact some of the advertisements in its campaign reflect guidance and advice to the consumer while bringing out its brands strength. For example, in one case, the advertisement says Arrow Craftsmanship Secrets : Chapter 4 The Front Placket A WELL MADE SHIRT IS ONE THAT DISPLAYS STYLE NOT YOUR BELLY BUTTON.

Special fusing in placket presents gaps between buttons from opening when seated elegantly hiding unwashed belly button.

In another case the advertisement says

Arrow Craftsmanship Secrets : Chapter 87 FUSED BUTTONS


Arrow shirt buttons are sewn on with a self locking thread and then thermally fused to ensure they never fall off.

It is very interesting to know that Arrow shirts have built their brand by being a mentor in India. This brand strategy is all the more relevant because in an ethnic culture western clothing and its usage is growing.

In the case of diamonds, brands like Nakshatra, Asmi and Ddamas constantly educate consumers about the 4 Cs and the authenticity of the brand and the category.

The diamond industry is growing and the unorganized sector is slowly and surely becoming branded and organised. At this time, category education is an effective brand marketing strategy.

In the case of consumer education for the pharmaceuticals, Panacea Biotec used patient education messages for Piles Management through their brand Thank God. Some of their patient education messages were

Avoid prolong sitting in one position or

Exhale while you lift heavy objects or

Avoid Constant straining, obesity, sedentary lifestyle or

Avoid Poor intake of dietary fibre or

Avoid stress. They also explained

What is piles ?

What causes piles ?

The patient gets relief even before the treatment because of education and understanding and guidance and says THANK GOD.

In the case of school branding a Total IB School in Mumbai, Ecole Mondiale World School explained to the parents and students the meaning of IB (International Baccalaureate) with a campaign and series of advertisements.

I am being elaborate and detailed because it is a good case.

Some of the press advertisements said

What is IBs uniqueness ?
It makes students realize their true worth.

Why IB?
To make the child confident and an independent learner.
To develop sound academic and organizational skills in him or her.
To make him or her tolerant and respectful towards other.
To prepare him or her for university and for life beyond.

Who is an IB Teacher ? An IB teacher is the one who ensures that students have ample opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

IBs belief Every child is born with some unique talent and given the right platform, he or she can develop that talent to his or her highest potential.

What is a total IB School ? It is a school where a child develops all the necessary skills to meet the challenges of this world. How are the students taught at IB ? At IB, the students are encouraged to use their own initiative and to develop into independent learners.

What is IB ? International Baccalaureate is a system of education where children are turned into responsible citizens.

What makes IBs Diploma Programme different ?
Comprehensive two-year international curriculum
International standards, applied equally to all schools
Rigorous assessment.

What is total IB education ?
Three EXCEPTIONAL programmes
PYP Primary Years Programme An inquiry based 7 year programme for ages 3-12
MYP Middle Years Programme Five year programme for ages 12-16
Diploma Programme Two year programme for ages 16-19

What is IBs goal ? The IBs goal is to provide students with the values and opportunities that will enable them to develop sound judgment, makes wise choice, respect others in the global community.

Who is an IB student ? An IB student is fully prepared to enter international universities of his or her choice.

IB as a process and programme of education is gaining in the world. Running a detailed campaign on educating parents and students about IB would definitely increase the acceptance of IB as well as build the Ecole Mondiale brand.

In Life Insurance also, consumer education is being used. In the case of LIC the consumer is explained about the benefits of Life Insurance. Other brands also do the same like AVIVA Life Insurance, TATA AIG, HDFC Life Insurance.

By educating consumers, brands are able to enter their minds and hearts and be beneficial for the consumers and the marketeers in the following ways.

ABOUT Consumers come to know ABOUT the utility of the category and the need benefit analysis.

DOUBT Through consumer education any DOUBT about the category or the brand can be cleared thereby making it easier for the consumer to purchase and use the brand.

SHOUTThe need to SHOUT through large spends of advertising gets reduced because there is clarity of purpose and credibility of benefit to consumer education.

I would strongly recommend consumer education as an effective brand marketing strategy to build credible and profitable brands.

The author is Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director of the successful Samsika Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Tel: 022 28597700/7701 Fax:022 28597699 E-mail : jkapoor@samsika.com

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