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In recent times there has been a tremendous amount of focus on the act of brushing in the field of brand marketing. Whether it be brushing your teeth or brushing up your skills or brushing your clothes to get whiteness, brushing seems to have caught the fancy of brand marketeers.

In one of the most brilliant campaigns in my opinion, “Pepsodent” has been able to effectively enter the mind and heart of consumers through their latest audio visual as well as audio offering. By using music which is god sent to many ears and bringing out nostalgia and a memorable sound track, “Pepsodent” has excellently got viewers to worship this wonderful piece of advertising, as they call it in the Hindi film language, it has got a story, a purpose, song drama and action. Set with a background music which is highly lovable and answers the prayers of so many Indians, “Pepsodent” has brought out the message of brushing for kids twice a day (Day and Night) and moving from problem and worry of mothers to a solution for kids, “Pepsodent” has along with brushing, taken the brand to higher level. Whether on radio or T.V the campaign connects with the consumer whether it be a mother or child whether be father or grandfather or grandmother, or whether it be a brother or sister. The tempo and the momentum on the campaign “Brush kar, brush kar” to my mind is one of the most outstanding and effective examples of clear strategy, simple execution and effective messaging.

Around the same time, there is another campaign running, wherein Procter and Gamble’s, detergent brand has a gentleman, ridiculing others non-white shirt, and giving them advice that they should request their wives to brush up by saying “Brush lagana”. This too, to my mind is an effective way of being able to highlight the brand, bring up the need of whiteness and ultimately bring out the benefits of the product. Another excellent example of using the “brush lagana” element to communicate effectively.

In another case, we have Indian cricketers popping out of the television screen, telling “Rahul brush karo”. This is also a forceful way of using the element of “brush karo” advising the young boy to brush with “Anchor” toothpaste and the entire audience in the cricket stadium, bring out the benefits of “Anchor” and using the device of “brush karo” repeatedly, forcefully in an orchestrated manner like a full fledged chorus. In this case too, the effectiveness is high and the brand recall is good with its brand positioning of 100% vegetarian.

So whether it be Pepsodent, Tide or Anchor everyone seems to be in an effective manner, in different styles, requesting the consumer to brush up.

The act of brushing, whether your teeth or clothing, seems to have reached a higher level and has benefited the brands. These days, consumers are busy thinking of improving the quality of their lives and actioning the chant “brush kar, brush kar”.

Indeed, brand brush as a strategy will have a positive brush with the consumers’ consumption habits.

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