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If you can make a customer feel through your words and actions that he and he alone is being served with full and exclusive attention being showered upon him that he is the center of attraction you would have individualized your service. I would recommend to provide a class service. I would recommend to provide a class service not a mass service when using personalized Customer service prescription.

On many occasions at the airport a departmental store or even a doctor clinic the service provided is mass based, without any attention being paid to the customer as an individual. To make matter worse if technology is used without human touch, the customer could wind up being efficiently served as just another identity number a code number or a token Number, leading to an impersonal Brand Experience.

This could be very disturbing as the customer could get the felling that he is just another faceless person amongst many others. He would feel that he has no individual identity even though he has an indentity card number.

In the case of department store when a customer asked for help to be shown a full range of shirt the counter salesman kept pointing to the racks of shirts giving a signal to the customer that he too, just like many others, could help himself. The counter salesman kept doing this without moving but by definitely lifting his index finger to all the customers who came to him for help. He was blissfully unaware that three other fingers were pointed back at his own unhealthy customer service attitude.

After the third customer had gone by in a span of five minutes the counter salesman did not stop. Over the nest 20 minutes, he was seen marshalling customers like they were herd of sheep all the while giving no personalized attention. In fact customers felt that this was an encounter of the worst kind and they decided the brand Experience.

On analysis after month it was found that the shirt counter fared the worst in terms of Customer Service. This counter salesperson, the Customer Service professional was not practicing my personalized Customers Service Prescription with full sincerity and enthusiasm.

On the other hand a wonderful Brand Experience would have been the result if the counter salesperson practiced the personalized Customer Service prescription with full sincerity and verve.

The moment you enter Nalli the premier saree store in Chennai, all the crowds notwithstanding, you can be sure of a warm, BJP welcome Never for a moment do they let you think that they are fed up or tired. In fact a salesperson is assigned to a customer to take him on a tour of the shop and display whatever sarees they wish to see. It is warm Indian hospitality at its charming best, Delivering Brand Experiences that customers Cherish.

In the earlier department store example the ambience was better than Nalli. But it was cold aloof and indifferent. Nalli on the others hand has a simple homely ambience full of warmth caring and personalized approach.

Bangaloreís Kidís Kemp is another good example of my Personalized Customer Service prescription being practiced at it best. As soon as you enter there is someone to guide you around and help you shop. In fact even at Bangalore airport you can find two ladies from Kidís Kemp to welcome you with a rose.

A personal touch makes a world of difference. It has a magical effect a Midas touch that can convert a simple walk-in enquiry into Profitable sale.

Use my personalized Customer Service prescription to deliver a wonderful Brand Experience and make a customer feel on top of the world because it gives the customer tremendous intangible value and satisfaction.

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