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Fragrance Marketing



Fragrance being used as a strategic element in marketing is becoming more and more important and significant. It is very clear that the sense of smell and the sheer experience of fragrances is well accepted by consumers in India. This particular' strategy has been growing by leaps and bounds and just like spreading the good word has been used for ages, similarly spreading fragrances through a marketing strategy for the benefit of the brand has started gaining strength amongst marketeers.

Let us take the instance of 'Aromatherapy.' This is a great example of a growing trend benefiting brands and creating a new category whether in terms of products like candles based on aromatherapy or in the form of Wellness Centers in 5 Star Hotels or even fragrances at home. Aromatherapy, has gained wide acceptance from consumers and the branded forms are easy to be identified and are growing rapidly.

Similarly another example of using fragrances for brand marketing is the example of 'Flower Marketing' whether at a florist or regular supply at the office whether at functions or weddings, whether at celebrations or birthdays, the fragrance of flowers is liked by consumers and can be an important element in the marketing strategy. In fact, there is tremendous growth in the flower industry keeping in mind the exports and the international preferences. Whether it be a 'rose' or a 'mogra', or a 'jasmine' or a 'rajnigandha', a 'lily' or a 'tulip', flowers smell well, tell well and sell well.

Moving on to FMCG products, food products clearly have a sense of smell, which pleasantly excites consumers. Whether it be the good old glucose biscuits or whether it be dairy products or a delicious meal at a restaurant, the sheer experience of aroma along with the product is a powerful weapon to increase the appeal of the brand.

Moving on, there are problem solution brands, which are able to take care of specific problems like body odour, and the deodorant market is growing fast with various brands making their appearance to ensure 'body odour disappearance'. The body odour market has grown because more and more Indians are becoming conscious of good grooming. Similarly the issue of fresh breath has a large number of brands being used whether as a toothpaste or a mouthwash. Thus market is growing with a desire to smell well.

The perfume and fragrance market has always been strong in India and with national and international brands being available and the desire of consumers increasing, this market is bound to grow substantially. Perfume brands being launched and endorsed by celebrities is another growing trend.

Consumers are now very particular about the air they breathe and therefore they are very keen and interested in having a pleasant experience.Even at a hospital, care is taken to make sure that the well being of patients is taken care of, through various methods including a pleasant experience.

For years together, shampoos and soaps and creams have used smell strategically as a device to increase Iikeability of their brands by consumers. In the last few years the variants have increased and today you have virtually all options on fruit and flowers in terms of their fragrances being offered to the consumers.

Thus we see that whether it be wine or it be agarbatti, whether it be an air freshener or a mint candy everyone is trying to use Fragrance Marketing. After all, if you smell well, you can definitely smell and tell and sell.

The emergence of a roma or Fragrance Marketing is due to many reasons. Firstly, a lot more women have started going to work all across India and therefore it has a dual effect. One, that the women dress up well and make sure that they are able to put up a good appearance including in terms of fragrance. On the other hand because more women come to work, the men have become more conscious and are taking extra care about body odour and fresh breath.

The second reason is that the number of product and services in the aroma and fragrance category have increase substantially. This has led to a greater choice which has made consumers to indulge more. The third reason is that because of international travel and TV exposure, people have tried to become world class and allover the world, fragrances are an important element representing the quality of life.

Well, Well, Well. The latest Brand Mantra which could change the fortunes of marketeers and the standard of living of consumers is Smell Well so that you can Tell Well and you can Sell Well.

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