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‘Sensitive’ Services Marketing


There are times in the consumer’s life where the greatest benefit he seeks is sensitive caring and compassionate behaviour from the marketeer. Money is no consideration and the consumer is willing to pay a substantial price as long as his family members feelings are sensitively handled. These opportunities come in times of immense joy or extreme sadness, during times of grief or happiness, during times of birth, life and death.

Services marketing is spreading far and wide, whether in telecom services, banking, hospitality, medicine, courier, airline or any other field. However, services which do not show sensitivity during special times of joy or grief may not last long as brands. This has to be considered specially so that the brand is remembered as a caring, thoughtful brand rather than an insensitive, cold brand. Brand personalities are recalled and felt, based on whether they are sensitive or not.

In India, during the death of a loved one, people have to run from pillar to post, in some cases for completing formalities or getting certificates. Some service departments whether at the medical, law or hospital services are good and caring, others are simply cold and indifferent.

Our family went through a major tragedy. A few years ago, I lost my younger and only brother Sandeep at the age of only 31 years at New York. The family was grieving and my parents were shocked and were to be taken care of medically as they saw their young son cremated. This was a moment of grief for all of us.

Gracefully, the funeral home at New York offered their help and services in a very sensitive manner, causing virtually no pain or effort to run about for the certificates. Or the remains. This process was serene, without any trouble or need for greed. This definitely helped soothe the family.

Further, the security and customs at New York, London and Mumbai were very thoughtful in their approach. British Airways the airline went out of its way to get tickets reserved in a busy season making the journey of the family full of caring, sensitive actions and thoughtful behaviour.

These brands would be remembered and used well for their ‘sensitive’ services marketing. The travel agent Amriwala’s constant help and monitoring too showed immense care.

In the service industry, there are umpteen opportunities wherein an urgent medical parcel has to be couriered which could be save a life, an important message of joy has to be conveyed in a timely manner and telecom services help, a birthday or an anniversary celebration has to be handled by a five star restaurant and many more such consumer opportunities could be used to market services’ sensitively.

‘Sensitive’ services marketing will go a long way to build consumer loyalty and franchise.

In fact, in my book ’24 Brand Mantras”, I stress on building brands through the heart and mind. It has been well accepted and become a best seller.

After all, consumers like all human beings are emotional people governed by the heart as well as the mind. The same service, offered sensitively whether by action, tone of voice or gesture could go long way in being humane as well as thoughtful. This is what good marketing is all about.

The author is Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director of the successful Samsika Marketing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Tel: 022 28597700/7701 Fax: 28597699 E-mail: jkapoor@samsika.com

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