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Using Demonstrations Strategically for brand building.  


Everyone in brand marketing is looking for demonstrable success. Every company is looking out for that demonstrable success. Let us call it “DEMO”. So every company out there is searching for “DEMO”. Coincidentally, the Indian consumer is also looking for demonstrations from products and services so that they can be convinced and buy the brand to improve the quality of their life and solve their issues. They too, are in the process of “FINDING DEMO”

During a recent visit to a mall, wherein the Spencer store was one of the anchor stores, a young girl was selling branded brooms of the ‘Gala’ brand name and the powerful demonstration technique was getting her a lot of sales whether for brooms for the floor or cleaning equipment for home windows or car windshields. This sales person and this brand was constantly ‘FINDING DEMO’ and convincing consumers through this strategic weapon.

In another case, at an international branded store in India, a lady was trying to sell a cappuccino making machine, but was only talking and was not giving any demonstration. She was not trying to ‘find demo’ and therefore was not finding customers.

At a Sony showroom, the latest VAIO laptop was being sold like hotcakes, even though expensive, because a full fledged demonstration was being given by the sales person and was patiently explaining through a demonstration. The brand and the sales person was constantly finding customers while ‘finding demo’ as a potent way of convincing consumers about the perceived value of the brand.

In another case, many years ago, a portable fire extinguisher brand was sold to many people. While mentally it was very reassuring, but physically it was a disaster. Since no demonstration had been given or if given it was in rare cases, when the actual fire took place the consumers were left high and dry because they did not know how to use the fire extinguisher. I think the company had not ‘found demo’ and its utility and therefore the consumer during the fire had to find out in a terrible way, that they did not know how to use the fire extinguisher, even though they had purchased one.

For many years, brand marketeers have used various elements of marketing strategically, but may have ignored one of the most strategic weapons or may have under played it.

That weapon in today’s India, which is very effective and potent is – DEMONSTRATION. It is therefore very important that a demo is used in a significant and in a wholehearted manner. I would recommend that the brand marketing fraternity should start “FINDING DEMO”.

I have developed a model with six elements which if used could help increase brand image, brand credibility and brand sales through the process of demonstration. It is important to realise that India is a growing market with many new categories and concepts being launched and many unsaturated areas getting addressed by the marketing community. In this context my module called “Samsika ‘Finding Demo’ Module™” should be used for effective results.

The first element is “ATTRACTING ‘NEVER USED’ CONSUMERS”. Whether it be a fist time user of a mobile phone or it be the first time user of a tetrapak drink, a demonstration always helps. A “NEVER USED’ Consumer is not only using the brand for the first time, but is also using the category for the first time. It is very important to ‘find demo’ and its effectiveness in the entire integrated brand strategy.

The second element is “INCREASING CONSUMPTION OF ‘EVER USED’ CONSUMERS” . Sometimes an ‘EVER USED’ Consumer is using a part of the menu of features and therefore is not able to increase consumption. By ‘finding demo’ and giving demonstrations the ‘EVER USED” CONSUMERS can be moved from being an occasional consumer to a regular consumer.

The third element is “NEW CONCEPT MARKETING”. In the growing economy of India, many new concepts have been launched whether in the agricultural field or the pharmaceutical field or the consumer field or the durable field. Demonstrations are the best way to educate consumers about the benefit of a new concept. A case in point would be the PLASMA TV or when the first mobile phone with camera appeared.

The fourth element is “IMPROVED BRAND OFFERING”. There are many apprehensions within the customer, when they buy. Demonstrations are able to bring out benefits and are the best way to provide a brand experience. This way any improvement in an existing brand could be brought out through demonstration whether it be the latest INNOVA from Toyota or SWIFT from Maruti. The improved brand offering can best be experienced through a demonstration, which could be a test drive or demonstrations of the various features of the new model of the car.

The fifth element is “PROBLEM SOLVING”. Many consumers look for benefits which can solve their problems. The latest campaigns of Harpic or Vim or Anti-dandruff shampoos or Fairness creams, all of them point out towards using demonstrations and evidence to convince consumers. These brands seem to have ‘found demo’ as a useful tool to move ahead and convince consumers and increase sales. Whether it be removing a stain from a piece of cloth or whitening of teeth, all of them would work wonderfully for the brand by ‘finding demo’.

The sixth element is “MAXIMISING USAGE OF MANY APPLICATIONS”. Whether it is a musical instrument or a consumer durable product, like a mixer grinder or a shirt or a belt or a CD player or even an FMCG food product, the various applications being offered by the brand should be demonstrated so that the consumers picks up the maximum usage of the brand. ‘Finding demo’ is one of the most powerful ways to increase sales and conviction of your brand amongst consumers.

Go on ‘finding demo’ and I am sure you will go on finding more sales and customers.

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