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In today's world there is quest amongst youngsters to be fit and not fat. They would like to eat the right food, which is light and low in calories, and then be bright and active as a result of that. What are the implications of this changing need in the brand and marketing world? What is the result of this wave going to mean to traditional products and services?

First of all, all marketeers must seriously check out their product portfolio. This means that they have to see whether they have a range of products or services, which are able to cater to these changing needs. Recently MacDonald’s has introduced a whole new set of products along with nutritional information given, for the benefit of the ' light bright' audience, in many parts of the world. Coca Cola and Pepsi already had Diet options available for the target market, which I call the 'light bright' market. Nestle, in many parts of the world, offers 'lite' yogurt options. In markets like Europe, America, and Australia, where I have travelled and worked in the market, I feel that this segment, what I call 'light bright ' segment has emerged and is growing. On my recent trip to Australia, there has been a sea change, if not an ocean change, in the food habits. The 'light bright ' segment is truly growing as not just a sideline category, but a main category. On my trips to Europe and America earlier, this market had already emerged and was moving towards sub segmentation. In India this market is emerging. Marketeers should seize the opportunity and make sure that their product portfolio is truly representative of this segment too.

Secondly, it is important for service marketeers to look at the 'light bright ' segment in its totality, and not just a part of a physical exercise gym. While there is no doubt that the physical exercise is an important element to this 'light bright' segment, but it is also important that the right guidance, training and equipment and facilities be provided in holistic manner. Having helped in building brands like The Club and Zaf, I can understand the changing needs of this 'light bight' consumer. A 24 hour fitness facility has become a necessity in many cities, specially for people in the service and knowledge and entertainment industries. They have night shifts and may want to come in as early as 4am in the morning or late at 11.30pm at night. This is a growing trend and the 'light bright segment' must be able to avail of the facilities dovetailing their 24x7 industries. Further, yoga options with training need to be included on a regular basis. The whole world is embracing yoga, which originated in India, and not enough is being done in India itself. Also important is a good spa, pool, steam, sauna, jacuzzi for an overall well-being experience for this 'light bright' segment.

Thirdly, the Pharma and the OTC industry have an opportunity as well as a duty. They have the credibility and the resources to create this category into a bigger category and to make it grow responsibly. India is being considered as the diabetes capital of the world. It is important that the segment, which I call ‘light bright’, be shown as prime example of good lifestyle and better living. The lifestyle of Indians could make a lot of difference to the health of the nation. There is a great marketing opportunity in educating the general public about the benefits of joining the 'light bright' segment. In this process if the consumer benefits and there is also mutual benefit to the marketeer, so be it. This would lead to lighter and brighter India, helping overall health and prosperity.

Fourthly, the retail departmental store and the apparel industry also can participate in the segment I call 'light bright'. There have been many instances of stores having a 'sale' or ' reduced prices.' I would recommend a campaign of ' Reduced Sizes', to encourage the 'light bright' segment. What I am proposing here is an unconventional suggestion to the likes of Shoppers Stop, Ebony, Globus, Pantaloon , Westside, Lifestyle ,Marks and Spencer and others. To cater to the 'light and bright ' segment there could be an exchange or concessional offer made to loyal customers called ' Reduced sizes, Reduced prices'. Here the consumer could have an option, within a limited period to exchange a shirt or a trouser or a dress, for a reduced size to encourage and reward the 'light bright' segment. This would make the light bright segment relaxed and have a certain amount of peace of mind.

Finally, it is important to recognise that, while now, the young are pioneering this segment, soon ,there will be no age limit, whether at the kid level or teenage or adult or senior citizens. Yes, all facilities will not be available to all age groups due to medical reasons and the doctor must be consulted before indulging in this, however, it is a mindset which will drive this segment. This segment which I call 'light bright' segment, is bound to affect the fortunes of brands. This segment should be taken brightly and not lightly.

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