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Samsika. The catalyst for tomorrow's marketing and brand battles


New Age business need new, innovative marketing solutions. The Information Technology rush in the areas of software, internet, dot.com, computer education, e-commerce and hardware has led to new levels of competition. In such a cyberspace scenario, success will depend on brand equity and marketing strategy. Particularly when there are several companies launching similar product concepts.

To cater to this new reality, Samsika Marketing Consultants Pvt Ltd, India's foremost marketing and brand consultancy firm, has launched Mark IT TM, a division that will address marketing and brand building issues of this IT segment.

Samsika has over the past six years, spearheaded the marketing revolution that has swept over the Indian sub-continent. Small and big firms have sought Samsika's help to keep abreast of the times. Multinational have come for advice on setting up shop on Indian soil.

Lexsite.com, Aptech, Tally Accounting Software, Bodhtree.com, RoltaNet, NetKraft, Aim Software Technologies, Star Ya Kalakaar.com, ATCOM, Arena Multimedia, RP Tech, Concourse -- they all came to Samsika for greater marketing thrust.

Portals, Vortals, computer education, software development firm, IT companies -- all found great brand building benefit from Samsika's Mark IT TM division.


"It is always a pleasure talking to you. I was recalling my past association of '95-'96 and now the current assignment you have with us. It is a new feel and paradigm shift. I see a dramatic shift from, and individual shifting into building an institution.I must admit, I am yet to meet a man with such clear Brand and Marketing fundamentals. If marketing professionals religiously use your various business modules, especially the X-Ray Modules, they can never lose direction and focus of Brand Building & Marketing Management. I wish you a great grand success ahead in everything you do in the area of your domain."

Vikram Doshi ATCO Industries (ATCOM Technologies)

"I wish to thank Samsika for providing Lexsite.com the guidance and strong foundation on which our marketing strategy is now placed. We have progressed considerably in terms of capturing mind and market share. I once again thank Samsika for the guidance and understanding of 'brand building and marketing' that Samsika has so keenly provided Lexsite.com."

Ananth Nayak - CEO,

"In these highly competitive times where visibility, mind - share and brand equity are more valuable than brick and mortar assets, I am sure that Samsika will play a stellar role in the domains of brand building and marketing. I once aging congratulate Samsika and wish it all success in the times to come."

Sanjiv Gupta - Director (Marketing),