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How is your brand facing up to the competition? Is it a lean, mean, fighting machine ready to devour market share and competition? Or is it weak, ill and suffering from malnutrition?

Now, for the first time in India, Samsika presents preventive diagnosis for brands. With Samsika Brand Audit TM it is easy to get answer to all these questions.

Samsika Brand Audit TM can tell you if your brand is strong or weak. And what those strengths and weakness are.

Samsika Brand Audit TM can tell you how healthy is your brand, does it maintain its premium position, can a good brand become better and even find out how sick your brand is.

You can opt for one or several audits. Go in for a Brand scan. A Product Portfolio X-Ray. Or a diagnosis of your Advertising. Club it together with an analysis of Consumer or Retail behaviour. And you will be surprised at the insight you get into your brand. A Sales Strategy probe can unearth the real problems behind sluggish brand movement.

Now with the Samsika Brand Lab TM to help you, can check on each and every aspect of your brand's health.

The Samsika Brand Audit TM provides first hand diagnosis to all categories -- Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Durables, Personalised Service Sector,Personality Marketing, Fast Moving Consumer Services (FMCS), Financial Services, InfoTech Services, Pharma and Industrial products.

At Samsika Marketing Consultancy we are fully equipped to carry out single or multiple audits. To tell you exactly where your brand stands, so that you can do something to make it that one brand in a hundred that succeeds.

  • Samsika Product Portfolio Audit TM
  • Samsika Pricing Audit TM
  • Samsika Distribution & Channel Partner Audit TM
  • Samsika Sales Audit TM
  • Samsika Advertising Audit TM
  • Samsika Promotion Audit TM
  • Samsika Segmentation & Positioning Audit TM
  • Samsika Perception Management AuditTM
  • Samsika Consumer Behaviour Audit TM
  • Samsika Retail Behaviour Audit TM
  • Samsika Customer Service Audit TM
  • Samsika Franchising Audit TM
  • Samsika Launch Audit TM
  • Samsika Branding Audit TM
  • Samsika Event Management Audit TM
  • Samsika Direct Marketing Audit TM
  • Samsika Sales & Marketing Organisation Structure Audit TM