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Brand Seg’Meant’ation

Would it not be foolish to try and sell a comb to a bald man or a refrigerator to an Eskimo? Wrong Segmentation does not yield the right results. Brand Seg’Meant’ation is a book that offers a fresh approach to the subject and brings out the significance of whether a segment is ‘meant’ for your brand or your brand is ‘meant’ for a segment. The author, drawing from his wide practical experience, brings out a refreshing brand strategy – if the segment and brands are ‘meant’ for each other, the probability of brand success increases.

Seven ‘KYA BOLU’ brand strategies for effective brand segmentation are explained in a lucid and practical way, which would help in building winning brands not only for management students but also for corporate executives, entrepreneurs and industrialists. The book goes beyond existing concepts of demographic, psychographic and geographic segmentation and provides an approach, which could be used in addition or over and above the existing concepts to increase brand effectiveness. Each strategy is supported with contemporary real-life examples which are relevant, and, hence, beneficial to the reader in today’s challenging and ever changing market place. Right from Knowledge Seg’meant’ation to Attitude Seg’meant’ation, this fresh approach is ‘meant’ for people who want to build winning brands.

Brand Seg’meant’tion is a must for every person wanting to build strong profitable brands. This simple, strategic and direct brand approach would be a great aid to every brand marketer, who wants his brand to be ‘meant’ – to be beneficial to the relevant segment.