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18 Brand Astras
Using Brand Abilities as Weapons for CRISP Brand Building
Jagdeep Kapoor

At a time when marketing faces competitive challenges, this action-oriented book by Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapoor presents the 18 major weapons that a marketer must have up his/ her sleeve to make a brand successful. These 18 astras - like Reliability, Credibility, Serviceability, Visibility, Usability - are brand abilities necessary to launch, build and rejuvenate winning brands.

This direct and hard-hitting book explains each brand ability in detail. Jagdeep Kapoor then explains how they should be used together to form his unique CRISP brand-building module. CRISP is an effective strategy, which covers al lthe important aspects of brand building and marketing to ensure that any brand is a success. A Brand Health Scan is provided for each brand ability, which tells the reader how his brand measures up to that brand ability.

All in all, this book is a definitive guide for creating winning and successful brands and marketing strategies. Presented in a conversational style, it is interspersed with real examples and covers all the important and key aspects of a winning brand strategy.

Following his bestseller 24 Brand mantras, this topical book is full of easy to execute ideas and will be an indispensable guide to formulating the right brand strategy.